The Period in a Twitter Conversation

The Period in a Twitter Conversation

Have you ever been on Twitter and you have seen a period before a handle and its tweet? Since when has punctuation come before a sentence rather than at the end? Additionaly, who knew there was grammar to a 140-character sentence?

Twitter is social media outlet that has many secrets and this is one of them. Consider this trick as a privacy publicity thing. Adding a period before your handle makes your tweet more public.


Private Tweets

When directing a reply or mention at someone, people usually start the tweet with just a handle.

Example: “@JohnDoe Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, at vestibulum diam. “

This tweet is directed at John Doe and John Doe only.


Public Tweets

If you want to turn a private tweet into a public tweet for John Doe AND all of your followers, you must add a period before the handle. This creates a community-style tweet. Think of this style of tweet as shouting something to John Doe across the room filled with your friends and family.

Note: This can be also done by adding any character before @JohnDoe, but the period is most common for Twitter users — plus its less glaring.

Example: “.@JohnDoe Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, at vestibulum diam. “

…and voila! Your tweet is now visible to all of your followers!

For more information and useful tips, be sure to review the Twitter Help Center.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors is co-owner of Tortuga, a web design studio located in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey. Chris has a passion for graphic and web design, and enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the Jersey Shore region.

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