Take the Lemonade Pledge, Support Young Entrepreneurs

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Take the Lemonade Pledge, Support Young Entrepreneurs

As summer months approach the Jersey Shore, there are some young entrepreneurs in your neighborhood looking for your support. If you see a lemonade stand, pause for a second. Realize what that glass of lemonade means to that child and more importantly to our future.

Lemonade stands are the first step into entrepreneurship for many young people across the country. Many of today’s small business owners got their start selling lemonade when they were kids. These stands are a prime example of relevant and engaging entrepreneurial education. They teach children what it takes to run a business and how to problem-solve. They must ask themselves: How much do the ingredients and cups cost? Do I have the money in my piggy bank, or do I need a loan from Mom and Dad? How much do I need to charge per cup to cover my expenses?

Most importantly, lemonade stands cultivate creative energies and talents that will help grow the economy in the future.

Showing your support propels kids’ efforts to continue following their entrepreneurial dreams.

Tortuga and the NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation is asking you to pledge to purchase a glass of lemonade from a budding entrepreneur in your neighborhood this summer. Take the pledge to support:

  • Young people in your community who are taking the initiative to learn about entrepreneurship
  • Teaching young people life skills through entrepreneurial education
  • Fostering the idea of free enterprise among our nation’s youth encouraging them to consider careers in small business and entrepreneurship



Chris Connors

Chris Connors is co-owner of Tortuga, a web design studio located in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey. Chris has a passion for graphic and web design, and enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the Jersey Shore region.

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