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Mark began his career with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and was employed there from 1970–1976. In 1976, he decided to form his own firm as an independent financial planner and continues to be self-employed to this date.

By being an independent fee-based financial planner in New Jersey, there are no proprietary conflicts between various commission-based products and what is best for the client. Advisory fees are based on the percent of assets under management. This means that, as your assets grow, the management fee grows proportionally and that, if the portfolio loses value, the fee shrinks proportionally. Mark Rushwald wants to be in this together with you for the long-term; we are not traders, we are long-term investors. Mark believes that this type of arrangement results in a win-win situation for us both.

Let Mark Rushwald put his professional experience and client commitment to work for you. He will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what you prefer to do best and stop spending time worrying about what you haven’t done.

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