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Chris Connors, Graphic Design

Pizzeria Logo

Faced with the task of a name change, Tomatoes Pizzeria (Forked River, New Jersey) underwent a complete rebranding of its italian restaurant, including a new pizzeria logo. The new logo would need to be quickly be displayed on signage, promotional mailers, and the restaurant menu. Therefore, this created an opportunity to attract customers towards their restaurant. Also, there was an opportunity to boost their brand loyalty. Furthermore, the logo would need to be unique to the Tomatoes Pizzeria’s name. Finally, it also needed to give a lasting impression to the customer at the very first glance.

Finally, the design process required the pizzeria logo to include a perfect mix of fonts, colors, shapes, and other graphical elements.

The successful new brand not only kept its existing customers but had attracted new customers as well due to our careful design process.

About Tomatoes Pizzeria

Home of the Grandma Pie! From authentic classic dinners to modern twists on old favorites, our pizza, cheesesteaks, subs and fresh homemade dishes will sure leave you wanting more. They use the freshest ingredients to deliver you exceptional food! We offer weekly lunch specials from 11 am-3 pm and you can order online!

Now, it’s even easier with our online service: Order today!

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Tomatoes Pizzeria:

Tomatoes Pizzeria
701 Lacey Rd (5.03 mi)
Forked River, New Jersey 08731

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