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School Website


School website is a complete redesign of the Atlantis Preparatory School in Manasquan, New Jersey; located within Monmouth County.

About the Client

Atlantis Prep, the real school for little learners where we create future world leaders! Our mission is to develop each individual to reach their greatest potential by providing an outstanding curriculum, which includes the academics, social and emotional growth, the arts, athletic ability, and the mind/body experience. We are committed to the development of the whole child so that each student can discover his own path to greatness!

Some parents are surprised to learn that we have a well-developed curriculum for students as young as age 2. Early Learners at Atlantis Prep benefit from a comprehensive program of traditional and non-traditional subjects. Advanced technology is integrated across the academic curriculum. Foreign language, sign language and art appreciation are also included. The focus is on individual development and small group learning in an interactive and meaningful environment.

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Web Design
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