The Mayan Ruins: Photos of a Modern World Wonder

The Mayan Ruins: Photos of a Modern World Wonder

During our brief vacation in Mexico, Jess and I had the opportunity to visit Chichen-Itza.  Three driving hours west from where we had stayed at the Barceló Maya Resort, located in the beautiful Riviera Maya, sits one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.  The Mayan temple and ruins of Chichen-Itza. Built in as early as 750 A.D., this historical site is now host to nearly 600 vendors who hope to sell their handcrafted souvenirs to the estimated 40,000 daily visitors; and those 40,000 daily visitors have traveled from all corners of the globe to discover one of most jaw dropping works of architecture, engineering, and art they have ever witnessed.

The excursion not only provided us a full day of lessons in Mayan culture and history, but it also provided a memory card full of photos. We learned that It takes three full days to discover every ruin within the preserved site! Here are some unique photos we wanted to share that takes you within the amazing site. Enjoy.

Chris Connors

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