Puerto Rican Food in Photos

Puerto Rican Food in Photos

Let there be mofongo!

Below are some snapshots of some delicious meals you can find within Old San Juan. Many of the restaurants can be a bit pricey in the city, but we found that some of the more affordable restaurants (entrées less than $12) can deliver a meal that is just as tasty — with the fancy presentation included. You may, however, just have to lace up some walking shoes to do a little exploring.

While enjoying all the fresh food do not forget a nice cold beverage. Remember, to have some Bacardi. If you are not into rum, I recommend to skip the “traditional” Coca-Cola and be adventurous — try coconut soda.

Enjoy the pics. (Buen Provecho.)

Mofongo w/ Steak at El Jibarito
Breakfast at the Wafflera
More Wafflera
A Mexican lunch in the streets of Old San Juan
Rum Smoothie
More Mexican
Fresh coconut milk
Ribs with a sweet mango sauce. More mofongo at Cafe La Princesa
Pork chops at Cafe La Princesa
Fried pork. More mofongo at Cafe Manolin.
Rice. Beans. Plantains. More mofongo at Cafe Manolin.

In Puerto Rico, yes there is warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of salsa music — but do not forget their authentic food. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner — every taste was unique and every bite was memorable. One bite, and like me, you will have a craving to return for more.

Chris Connors

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