Woman Workout Poster

Woman Workout Poster


Woman workout poster for Warrior Woman Class – Black print, lipstick font, fit blonde in pink top and is marketed towards women.


Warrior Woman Class by Val Barnaby.

Want to lose weight to fit into that special dress? Need to get fit and in shape after your pregnancy? Bikini season around the corner? or simply looking for a fun new way to get in the best shape of your life? Join us! Every workout and every exercise is modified to support and build your confidence.

This class is open to all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Remember, you are a Warrior Woman!

Monday – Upper Body Blast

Tuesday – Bootcamp Style

Wednesday – Full Body Warrior Mode

Thursday – Warrior Woman Core Class

Friday – I Am Every Woman

Come in for a FREE Trial. Sign up today!


ESSA is a sports performance training school located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Graphic Design, Jess Connors
Graphic Design
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