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Mexican Food Restaurant Menu Design

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Mexican Food Restaurant Menu

Graphic Design for Alberto’s Deli mexican restaurant menu. Here, the menu consists of Mexican food serving breakfast, lunch, and dinners. More specifically, tacos, nachos, burritos, fajitas, chile con carne, and chimichangas, too.

Graphic Design Strategy

  • First, the menu divides into logical sections making it easy for customers to search for dishes. This is done by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups. The menu design has a balance of photo and illustrations. Illustrations are more likely to be universally appealing and help communicate the restaurant’s personality.
  • Second, we utilize boxes to draw attention to a group of menu items because they often promote dishes with the highest profit margins.
  • Third, the currency symbol (dollar sign) is not used, for a reason. Studies show that customers are more likely to spend more when currency signs are omitted. For that reason, we do not want to make customers overly aware of how much they’re spending.
  • Fourth, bold typography serves the main “art” element. Incorporating the Alberto’s Deli logo into the menu design and selecting a bold typeface helps carry the menu. Effective typography communicates the restaurant’s brand and results in a legible menu. Therefore, selection of typeface depends on a number of practical factors, such as the amount of text needed to comfortably fit on the page. Using more than one typeface distinguishes the names and descriptions of menu items which in turn helps guide customers through the menu.
  • Finally, we select colors that target the audience and the theme of the restaurant. Different colors have different psychological effects on a viewer, so our selection of color scheme help set the mood of the restaurant as well as draw attention to certain food items. Consequently, Alberto’s Deli restaurant menu design is a fresh take on the warm color scheme that we usually associate with Mexican food.

About the Client

Alberto’s Deli Mexican Restaurant is located in Forked River, NJ; within Ocean County.





Graphic Design
Graphic Design

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