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Video: Dolphins Swim Barnegat Inlet Post-Superstorm Sandy
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Video: Dolphins Swim Barnegat Inlet Post-Superstorm Sandy

Video: Dolphins Swim Barnegat Inlet Post-Superstorm Sandy

After a week of disturbing news of the mysterious dolphin deaths across the Jersey Shore and Northeast, I was able to capture a pleasant surprise on camera.  Returning from a (disappointing) fishing trip off Long Beach Island on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I filmed what looked to be a pod of three dolphins, possibly feeding, against the outgoing tide of the Barnegat Inlet on Saturday.  What makes this footage unique and somewhat dramatic is the Barnegat Lighthouse in the background.  This also gave me a sense of satisfaction seeing dolphins for the first time at the Jersey Shore post-Superstorm Sandy. With the recent events, we can only hope that this pod of dolphins was “stronger than the storm”, and made it safely back out to sea.

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