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Alright, its the end of the work week. Time to review some of our favorite tweets that were (somewhat) related to graphic and web design.  We hope that these tweets can be useful, insightful and entertaining as you prepare for Monday. And if your a dog-lover that clicked on this post because of the featured image with the golden retriever on the phone, hoping to find more 'dogs on devices', I apologize. Just scroll down to the bottom and click "A Funky Ode to Putting Down Your Smartphone" to see the dog in the video. Enjoy.   A Year In Review for Social Media and...

As a non-celebrity Twitter user, to increase your number of followers, one method is to do more (quality) tweeting. Unfortunately, some of the most well though-out tweets are successful, but an overwhelming majority get buried. I wanted to take some time every Friday to revisit some of the more informative (and sometimes entertaining) tweets that were posted during the busy week. Many of the revisited tweets are selected that are selected by engaged twitter followers, As we build a following, I wanted to begin to sift through the tweets throughout the week, hoping to separate the gems from the rough....

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