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Here are our top 3 tweets that took off in this week in the world of graphic and web design on Tortuga's twitter.  Thanks to all of our followers that retweeted and favorited our tweets throughout the week and making this week's list possible. Be sure to follow us @tortugacreative and Tortuga's blog for next week's three tweets.   THIRD PLACE   SECOND PLACE   FIRST PLACE   HONORABLE MENTION * Favorited April 2nd  ...

Everyone now and then a new TV series comes along that grabs my attention. After watching episode after episode of both the Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead series, I have been waiting for that next big series that will get me hooked -- and it has to be done in the first couple of episodes. Surprising, I have come back down in channels listings (sorry AMC) to the ABC Network's new TV hit series on Sunday nights titled Resurrection. I highly recommend this new series to everyone and hope that you catch up on either the ABC Network website or,...

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