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Buster is a “limited-edition” brown boston terrier. It's only been a little over 6 months since we adopted him from the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue and we can't picture our lives without him. Buster loves food, the park, his soft blankie and sleep under the covers. He has a very adorable snaggletooth. It's on his right side and he usually gets it after drinking water or long periods of licking [which it's all the time!]. He also likes to roll on the carpet and just look silly. He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives. When Buster first arrived to our house he was...

The second annual Bark in the Park was held this past Sunday. The event was held at Harry Wright Lake Park to benefit the American Dog Rescue and Lakehurst Manchester Rotary Club. Bark in the Park features a 5K (“5K-9″) run and 1-mile Fun Walk in the morning. Throughout the day, there were many activities for dogs and their owners. In addition to all the activities, there were also vendors promoting the health and well being for all pets, such as the Whiting Vet Clinic. Adoptions were also made available for owners seeking a new companion. Below are some snapshots we had of the pooches that day -- some...

Alright, its the end of the work week. Time to review some of our favorite tweets that were (somewhat) related to graphic and web design.  We hope that these tweets can be useful, insightful and entertaining as you prepare for Monday. And if your a dog-lover that clicked on this post because of the featured image with the golden retriever on the phone, hoping to find more 'dogs on devices', I apologize. Just scroll down to the bottom and click "A Funky Ode to Putting Down Your Smartphone" to see the dog in the video. Enjoy.   A Year In Review for Social Media and...

The First Annual “Bark in the Park” was held in Manchester Township, NJ this year. The event was held at Harry Wright Lake. The event had opened with a 5K (“5K-9″) run and 1-mile Fun Walk in the morning. Throughout the day, there were many activities for dogs — and lets not forget their owners! Of the dozens of vendors on hand, the most popular were the free dog tattoos. The owner (or sometimes dog) was asked to pick from a book of stencils and the tattoo was sprayed on the dogs’ back. While the dogs were busy socializing (sniffing each...

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